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the next step in protein and formula consumption.

An innovative solution for dispensing pods on
the go, for your customers who want nutritious and palatable protein beverages.

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A simple and intuitive capsule-release solution.

Fueltechnology is a breakthrough health-tech company taking the next step in protein and formula consumption. Nespresso revolutionized coffee consumption, Fueltechnology is set to do the same for the supplement and formula industry.

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    Place Capsule in outer shell.

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    Fill with Water.

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    Push to Release powder.


Our unique storage release system allows you to package individual portions to create fast, hygienic, fresh and nutritious drinks. Whether your pod provides protein shakes, baby formula or weight loss products, our capsule-release solution is simple and intuitive.

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Supplement shakerS

Post-training recovery pods can be mixed and drunk without leaving the bench. Prep the shaker in advance, and consume when you need it, without the hassle of extra containers.

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Baby formula is dispensed, directly into the bottle, with a simple push of a finger. Perfect for night feedings and on the go.

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Our leadership team brings together years of experience in engineering, marketing, and design.

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    Paul Jackson

    Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

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    Angelo Giuliano

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

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    Mattias Abrahamsson


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